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Mare and Foal Crushes

Introducing NZ Equine Solutions' Mare and Foal Crushes. Our crushes has been expertly designed, providing a safe and stress-free environment for handling and veterinary procedures. The sturdy construction ensures the safety of both horse and handler, while the adjustable side panels and removable front and rear gates make loading and unloading a breeze. With the NZ Equine Solutions Mare and Foal Crushes, you can increase your breeding productivity and ensure the health and safety of your horses. Order yours today and experience the benefits for yourself!

Here are just a few of the uses for our mare & foal crush

  • Breeding

  • Foaling

  • Weaning

  • Veterinary care

  • Hoof trimming

  • Grooming

  • Vaccinations

  • Deworming

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